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facebook account disabled but why?
facebook account disabled but why?

A lot of users log in to Facebook regularly . We use it to upload our life details, share photos, connect with friends, colleagues, loved ones and even run our own business. To many people it has become a thing that you feel you cannot live without.

Then imagine that one day you are trying to log in and you are told that your account is disabled. Facebook can lock or disable your account at any time. You may be restricted or prevented from logging in while you are logged in.

There are many reasons why they do this and as long as you know why, in most cases, the way to solve it is relatively simple, albeit frustrating.

You may have tried to access your Facebook account one morning and may have received a message stating that your account has been disabled or locked for security reasons. It will definitely come as a shock and you will feel helpless for no reason.

Let's look at some possible reasons to lock or deactivate your Facebook account.

Common malware concerns

Keep in mind that if you click on Facebook in any such disguise or scandal, it may lock your account.

You may be asked to click on something on Facebook that takes you offsite. Here are three common scams:

Facebook Profile Viewer: 
After claiming, you can see who is viewing your profile.

Promise to solve: 
A message that assures you to install to solve any non-existent problem.

Random messages that say "Watch this video! OMG! I can't believe he did it!", Or "Is this you? Did you know that this image is on this site??".

This is a very common problem and it involves hackers and phishers accessing and stealing your account.

Reasons why your Facebook page is closed or disabled

➡ Fake account: 

If you don't keep your authentic name on Facebook , Facebook  authorities will eventually find out.


If you create a page that applies to a person or organization, it will be closed or closed without warning.

➡Groups joined: 

You have added too many groups. Maximum limit of 200 groups per user.

➡ Spam: 

If you have posted too many messages on a wall or in a group in a short period of time, it can be considered as spam.

➡ Friend: 

You may have a friend request from many people. Facebook has created a maximum of 5000 friend policy, so this reason should be rare.


You are under 18 and you are not part of the high school group.

➡ Offensive Content: 

You have written offensive content.

➡ Frequency: 

You have sent "too many" friend requests or made "too many" wall posts in a short time frame (especially with similar content).

➡ Hacking: 

Someone may have tried to gain access to your account, so Facebook needs to verify who you told.

➡ Malware: 

If this is a potential problem after logging in, a pop-up will appear asking you to scan the computer. Even if you already know about up-to-date virus programs, malware is not actually a 'virus', so it cannot be detected.

These are all reasons to disable a Facebook account. If you Don't want to disable your account, please avoid that all issues and use Facebook Very carefully.

In the next tutorial, I will show you how to keep your Facebook account secure......
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